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Prosocial (a) :

“ Acting to the benefit of society in general. ”

Prosocialise Foundation is a non profit organization focused on improving human culture by exploring new ways to collaborate and share resources.

Our objective is to foster safer, more enjoyable and happier living by learning how to help each other more.

Humankind has a superpower: our capacity to learn.

We acquire our abilities through experience, and this knowledge can be transmitted from person to person.

This is culture.

Our collective habits, understandings, and skills that we teach each other to improve our capacity to survive and thrive.

The better our culture, and the better we teach it, the better we thrive.

   Prosocialising is...

Promoting mutual aid

Promoting mutual aid

Communicating that humanity is a collective organism of which we are all part, and providing for each other is the best investment we can make.

Facilitating sharing

Facilitating sharing

Provide the means for sharing, gifting and volunteering by organizing networks that make mutual aid easy, fun and rewarding to do.

Teaching others

Teaching others

Teaching others how to teach others to promote and facilitate mutual aid, so the lessons eventually reach everyone.

How you can Prosocialise

Take action

Learn to communicate with your neighbors and organize to bring people together, help each other out and work as a team to improve your community.

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Kickstart your community

Contact Prosocialise Foundation to kickstart generosity, sharing and volunteering in your community. We'll design a campaign specific for your locality free of charge. We can even implement it for you.

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Call on Prosocialise Foundation

We will greatly improve the quality of life, sustainability and prosperity of your community, neigborhood, town, city, state or country by designing and even implementing a strategic campaign to foster and organize generosity, sharing and volunteering among all residents.

The campaign will include all kinds of communication with the residents and public service announcements.

We will work with local organizations and teach them how to motivate and organize free collaboration networks among the residents.

We will set up a website or app for residents to be able to understand and become familiar with these free collaboration networks so that their lives benefit from easier and cheaper access to good and services while they also get to know their neighbors better.

We will provide the residents access to knowledge and tools to be able to sustain and amplify the prosocial activity we helped start.

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Learn about Prosocial Tribe

More and more companies donate a portion of their profits to Prosocialise Foundation. One example is Prosocial Tribe, a cutting edge financial organization that generates high returns in decentralized finance. Another is Wildhost - a web hosting company powered by 100% renewables.

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Learn about Prosocial Tribe

Invest in a Prosocial Tribe NFT to grow your personal wealth while also generating funds for Prosocialise.

Use Wildhost as your hosting service and also generate funds for Prosocialise Foundation without any extra cost to you. (Wildhost have eco-hosting plans starting from as little as $2 a month)

How it works

The value of our NFTs are guaranteed as long as conditions are met. Each NFT is worth a certain amount of SEED. These grow in value along with blockchain applications approximately 50% each year while avoiding downturns of the market. When you wish to have your funds returned all you have to do is contact us and we guarantee to buy it back from you according to its value in SEED.

You have two options:

A) If you use Web 3 you can directly purchase a Prosocial Tribe NFT from our collections. When they are available they will be linked here. Beware of fake Prosocial Tribe NFTs.

B) Contact us and we can personally facilitate an NFT for you and even store it for you if you prefer. This is best option if you aren't a comfortable with Web 3 yet.

Become a Patron

Donating just some of your small change to help us make big changes! Help us prosocialise through a monthly tax-deductible donation on Patreon. Pledge as little as 1$ a month.

Become a Patron

Spread the Word

Word of mouth is our best friend. Get us on a show or in an article, or simply tell your friends about Prosocialise Foundation and share our website to groups and social media pages. A seemingly insignificant action often is what makes a huge difference.

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Marcus Packard, founder

Marcus is an engineer and practicing social innovator since 2010. He is the founder of multiple local Free Collaboration Networks, and was cofounder of Copiosis, Xarxaeco, Sharebay and a global coordinator of el Movimiento Zeitgeist.


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